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Sunday, 2 September 2012

2 Line pitch

Ok- York is getting ever closer and I need to have my elevator pitch brushed up and ready. I have a one to one session booked with two agents, one for 'At Night, All Cat's Are Grey,' and one with 'And So We Left For Paris.'

The first is finished, the second is very much not finished but I've written what I've written so far in a very different voice than I've tried before, and I've been getting some very positive feedback on it, so I'm keen to see what a professional thinks - is it really original and exiting, or over worked and too stylized? Un-like other things I've done, it's oddly draining to write (oh, us poor artists!) so I want to make sure I'm not massively off key with it even though it's an early stage.

So - the pitch. How would one sell All Cats?? I've tried things like 'it's Lady Chatterly with the Russian Mafia in New York,' but that seems a bit of a wide conglomerate of words. So possibly -
It's a contemporary romantic thriller (that's the genre down, I think) set in New York (that's the location) about a Russian ex-con who falls in love with an artist but is forced to save her from a psychotic gangster who blames him for a murder he didn't commit. Hmmm - too pedestrian?

It's a romantic thriller set in New York, about a British artist who finds her creativity reborn when she falls in love with a Russian ex-con. She has to deal with the social 'fall out' of her choice - only for her and her child become the target of a psychotic gangster seeking revenge.


And as for 'And so we left for Paris' - well -

'It's a historical romance about an aristocrat turned show girl and a seamstress, who run away to Paris in 1939 seeking sexual freedom, but betray each other as war breaks out. One flees to New York with a man, while the other remains to dance in Paris with an assumed identity only for the same man who stole her lover to reappear and beg for her help when he's shot down over France.'

Gosh - it's like squeezing the proverbial pint into a teaspoon!

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