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Friday, 31 August 2012

He marched them up to the top of the hill....

I'm off to York the weekend after next. Not to re-visit the fudge shop or the Yorvik Viking center I remember fondly from a child hood holiday  on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, but to go to the writers festival organized by the writers workshop.
             I get to have a one to one session with a book doctor, and also an agent; and as I booked early a second one to one with another agent about another book. Of course, I am not expecting to be signed up in a blaze of glory, but it's invaluable to get to find out in person why they're rejecting me yet again - not for some masochistic pleasure but because hopefully, they'll give me an idea about what I might need to work on to get picked up. The best outcome I think I might achieve is a 'not now but get back to me when you've done X' type of response; but we'll see.
           Other than that, I get to attend workshops, a gala dinner and the chance to meet some of my virtual friends from the word cloud in the flesh, and no doubt talk for hours about literary matters.

So, I'll keep you posted......gosh, it's going to be odd being out in the grown-up world talking about grown-up things!

(and not mention that I didn't get short listed for either competition I entered and have been sulking about it for a week......)

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