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Friday, 30 December 2011

When worlds colide

Okay, so, I have now merged my book with it's prequel, and spent two weeks adjusting the flow so that the climaxes arrive at the same time. It has been an interesting and really quite enjoyable task, as I have merged some chapters of the prequel and then cut them to the bone so as in stand up comedy, the timing is spot on. It felt all the time like the shading on a good tattoo - which is mentioned in said book - like the deepest and most satisfying scratch you can have.
Of course, this has meant a re-write of my synopsis and cover letter so carefully constructed with the help of Bubble Cow, but I am hoping that their lessons have been well learned and I have still hit the right note with both.
Of course, now it needs time to sit again, because the doubts and fears need to creep into my mind before I take another look - after all, asking someone to read a 140,000 word novel and tell you what they think is harder than when it was 75,000 words. But I have had one volunteer, so will keep you posted!
Now - on to reading about the Ukraine and taking a peek at my other open project.

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